Daniel Ng

CEO & Founder, CyberOwl

Daniel Ng is the CEO and Founder of CyberOwl. 

CyberOwl is developing an innovative early warning system for attacks through real-time monitoring of high value targets for malicious behaviour. The technology, based on research shortlisted for the Lloyd’s Science of Risk Prize 2015, is aimed at addressing the challenges of increasingly anonymous and persistent threats to rapidly-expanding global networks, particularly in the wake of Smart Cities and the Internet of Things. The system raises early warning on network assets for possible undesirable activity, by applying a Bayesian-based framework to systematically analyse indicators associated with early stages of such activity. This approach scales to networks exceeding 1 billion devices, provides earlier visibility of risk and improves prioritisation and decision-making in deploying countermeasures. 

CyberOwl has been selected to work with GCHQ as part of the first cohort of the Cyber Accelerator Programme.