Dr. Gareth Winrow

Independent research analyst, consultant, Eastern Med

Dr. Gareth Winrow is currently a part-time tutor at Oxford University and an independent researcher, writer and consultant. He previously lived and worked in Turkey for twenty years where he was a Professor in the Department of International Relations at Istanbul Bilgi University. He is the recipient of two NATO Research Grants and a US Institute of Peace Fellowship. A member of the International Advisory Board of the journal Turkish Studies, he has had numerous works published on Turkish foreign policy, regional and energy security issues. Dr Winrow was awarded a scholarship to study Modern History at Oxford University, before doing graduate work at Lancaster University and receiving a Ph.D at the University of Manchester. A member of Chatham House and on the advisory board of the Centre for Turkish Studies (CEFTUS), Dr Winrow is a regular participant in major international conferences including the annual UK-Turkey Tatlidil meetings. His latest book on social history, titled Whispers Across Continents: In Search of the Robinsons, will be published by Amberley in 2019.