Nick Malkoutzis

Editor & Co-Founder

Nick Malkoutzis is the co-founder and editor of MacroPolis, an independent news analysis service in Athens whose content is tailored for a specialist readership that follows Greek politics and the country’s economy for professional purposes. 

Since 2013, the MacroPolis team have been covering developments in Greece with daily articles and data, while also compiling bespoke reports and offering consultancy services to clients.

Nick is also the co-host of The Agora podcast, which takes a deep dive into Greek current affairs, aiming to make events more comprehensible for an English-speaking audience.

He has written about Greece for the Journal of the British Academy, the Friedrich Ebert Foundation and numerous international media outlets,including The Guardian, Die Zeit, Politico and Bloomberg Businessweek.

During a career in the media spanning 20 years, Nick has also worked for the BBC, the Associated Press and Kathimerini English Edition.